Right Output Very Low Volume

I’ve had my organelle for a couple years now and love it. Everything has worked until recently when i noticed little there was hardly any sound coming from the right output. I checked both outputs and they both seemed to be intact. There isn’t anything lodged in either output. I also took it apart and everything was in its right place. Nothing looks compromised on the motherboard. I should mention that the left out works fine and I don’t have any trouble with gain being to low. I’m now lost as to what the next step might be. It seems to me that it could still be either hardware or software. Anyone??

Ps: I have traveled with it some, although i have never dropped it or been harsh with it. Its always traveled in a hard case as well.

You’ve tried with different cables right?
What are you plugging the organelle into?
You’ve tried different inputs on the mixer/audio interface/mixer you’re using?

Which patch are you using? Does it affect the headphone output as well?

Yes I’ve tried with multiple different cables and outputs. I’ve tried different amps as well as a mixer. all result in the same lower output only in the right side. Ive tried multiple patches as well and the same thing is true with every one…

@thegarre we should take a look. Please contact us via: http://critterandguitari.com/contact

it does not affect the headphone output

Same here, right output is very low. I tried different cables and still the same. It doesn’t affect the headphones signal.

Hey Chris, just want to make sure there isn’t anything else I can do before sending it in? I’ve just updated to 3.1 and still have the same problem.


Hi @thegarre, it doesn’t sound like the cause of this is software, so it is probably best to send it in. I sent you an email in February with the relevant shipping info - If you have any questions, please respond to the email. Thanks

Hi guys, just few minutes ago I was connecting the Organelle to my audio interface and when I started playing the R output sounded massively lower than L. It’s not distorted or noisy, it just sound like 20 / 30 db lower than usual.

The only thing I have noticed is that the audio interface had the phantom power (+48v) active on the channel 1 when I was connecting the Organelle and I usually connect it in channel 1 and 2, without paying attention witch is L or R, so I don’t know if the Organelle R output was actually connected to the interface IN 1, the one with the phantom power on.

What should I do? It does not affect the headphone output btw. Can phantom power harm the output even with an unbalanced connection? I’m so worried :cry:
Thanks for help!