Main.pd not opening

Hey all,

I am a total noob with Organelle patch development and am trying to make my first patch, following C&G’s patching tutorials on YouTube. I’m connected to my Organelle via VNC. I’ve made a folder for my patch and put an empty main.pd file in it, then went and opened the patch via my Organelle nav. The patch opens fine on the Organelle but I only see mother.pd open in VNC – I expected to see main.pd open up as well. When I try to open main.pd via mother.pd’s window, I see the following and am unable to open main.pd. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Other patches open fine. Even the “Empty Patch” main.pd from the Tutorials Patches opens fine.

Does this mean doing a File → Open, then navigating the the folder with main.pd? There might be something wrong with the main.pd file, you could try copying a different one in that is known to work.

Yeah, that’s correct. Yeah, I was able to move forward via the Empty Patch main.pd. I’m just a bit confused about what is wrong with the main.pd file I made, given it’s brand new – created via File → Create New in the OS file browser.