Help! I closed the mother.pd window


Hello all,

I accidentally closed the mother.pd window and it doesn’t seem to want to load up again… even after reboot.

Can anybody help me please?


Right, I have found the file and loading it reconnects the hardware to my patches. However, it no longer loads up automatically, which isn’t too much of a pain, but if anyone knows how I can get this back to normal, I’d be very grateful.



Where is the instance of mother.pd you are using?

Did you check the manual section titled “The mother.pd Helper Patch”?

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I’m loading the one in the root

I had a look at that part of the manual, it doesn’t seem to cover what I’m looking for.


sorry, I linked to the wrong section. The link in my previous post is now correct.

Did you edit mother.pd?


I did not. I merely closed the window.


It doesn’t launch when you select a patch?


It doesn’t. Only the patch and feedback window open.


Does mother.pd load when you use encoder to select and launch patch?

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Ah, yes it does. I hadn’t thought of that.


I’m sure I can cope with that.

Thanks for the help


Great - that is how it is designed to work :wink:

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Thanks again