Pure Data editor on Organelle problems

Hope this makes sense.

I plan on using only my Organelle only to edit Pure Data patches as I’ve not got a suitable alternative computer. At times I’d like to copy and paste objects from other .pd patches but when I open them, the window I am working in closes. Is there a way to “disengage” (for want of a better word) this functionality, i.e. opening patches doesn’t load them onto the Organelle.

open via Pd file menu

editing on the organelle can be tricky if you are not used to it. though you can edit on it it helps if you have the pd files you want to use all in the same folder and try to always open the files from file -->open double clicking them will give you headaches. Also do not open them from the /Patches folder make yourself a /Work folder that is not in the Patches folder for example a pd organelle setup might look like this

/new cool patch

also once you have it where you like then if you are adding a menu then copy the template files into the appropriate /new cool patch folder THEN copy all the work you have into the “guts” subpatch in the main

Cheers both, will try this out later! :slight_smile:

one small note…
if you are running the patch (with mother.pd) on the organelle, and then open another patch… then both patches will be ‘running’ at the same time, i.e. dont expect to make any sense of it, screen/knobs to go wild etc … but its fine for cut n pasting objects to the new one, and then close the ‘donor patch’

also bare in mind, often patches use externals which will be in the same directory as the patch, so remember to copy these.

also if you accidentally close mother.pd, easy to do, you can reopen it from ‘/root/mother.pd’

also a couple of small tips…

  • be very careful to SAVE the patch before you try to open another one via the Organelle, launching a patch from organelle just kills PD, it will not prompt you to save before it does this!
    so actually whilst the recent tutorials recommend this, I prefer to quit PD manually, so I get the warning.
  • if some how, you end up in a state where you cannot get the organelle get back to the menu, so your unable to shutdown (this can happen if your patch takes control of the encoder… so you cant get back to the menu) , the you can restart things by bringing up the terminal (as described in video) and type "~/scripts/restart-mother.sh"
    do this rather than pulling the power, ‘unclean’ shutdowns are really to be avoid at all costs

And do not just quit for example you cannot exit pd after making additions on main.pd it will corrupt it

This can easily happen with a patch that uses the encoder. If you quit Pd (e.g. to open another patch), you will be locked out. Restarting things from the terminal is fine, also there is a shortcut: pressing the small ‘uh-oh’ face next to the red button on the bottom will run this command.


oh AWESOME. this will save what is left of my hair hahaha