Manual addendum for all new features that come with 3.0

Does this exist somewhere? I have just setup the Wifi network with the Organelle and cannot even find the address for the webserver on the forum. The “New Organelle Manual” posted by C&G has no info on any of these issues…

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finally found the address: http://organelle.local/files… but I cannot access it… neither on Safari, nor on Chrome. I am on a Mac. The Organelle says it is connected to our home Wifi. So, what am I doing wrong?

http://organelle.local should work.

no it doesn’t. works. THat’s the IP displayed on the Organelle screen. I wonder if it stays constant or changes every time…

I’m away from the Organelle. I’ll try that address tomorrow and will report. Still… I think after so much has changed in the Organelle world, an updated manual that covers the following areas is a must:

  • setting up more than one midi controller
  • setting up wifi, editing patches on the computer, etc
  • saving patches on the SD card

At the moment all this info is terribly scattered all over the forum.

I agree with you and petitioned for a wiki or updated docs a few months ago!


@korhanerel after joining a network, you should click “Start Web Server” in the WiFi menu. This will allow your computer to access organelle.local

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(queue pantomime sketch …)
oh, yes it does,
oh no it doesn’t
look behind you …

the real answer is, as with all networking, it depends on how your network is setup, routers and other such stuff… its not just the client (organelle) that dictates these things.

( this is why a local access point (introduced in OS 3.1) should work the same each time, as the Organelle then ‘owns’ the network - but that AP have their own limitations.)

you might want to also try http://organelle , i.e .without the .local, it might work on some networks.


  • id run OS 3.1, i dont think it makes any difference, but given its the latest release, thats what I use/test against.
  • on the macOS terminal window , ping organelle , and ping organelle.local and see if they return anything
  • on organelle, its the avahi-daemon that does the broadcast of the name, if you type:
ps auxwww | grep avahi-daemon

you should see something like
avahi-daemon: running [organelle.local]

guess, what … that depends on your network setup :wink:

the default setup for the Organelle is to use dhcp (like most devices), which means your router is allocating the ip address - it will do this each time the ‘lease’ runs out, however - routers tend to cache the ip vs mac address, and so give the same one back each time - however, this is not always the case it will sometimes changes (particularly if you introduce other new devices on to the network)

better, routers allow you to configure the IP mapping per device to prevent this.
(which is better than statically allocating ips on every device)

unfortunately, networking is still one area of IT where its not as user friendly as it could be.
(though, its better than it used to be by a long way… routers in particular have come a long way!)

@chrisk , given the ip address works, id say this is already being done correctly
EDIT: apologies, I misread @korhanerel post, I thought it said the IP address did work

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I tried again now, and indeed it worked now. I am pretty sure it did not work earlier though. Perhaps, while I was not looking at the Organelle, it got disconnected from the network or something.

For people reading this: I have a simply, standard home network. Nothing fancy, no customizations.

Still, I insist on the availability of a manual addendum. :slight_smile: I could only find the “organelle.local” adres after 4-5 searches on the forum.


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