wifi organelle

Following the instructions in the manual for my new Organelle M, I’m getting stuck at the WIFI. I have started the AP, and started the Web Server. The Organelle’s screen says “Connected Organelle” and my Mac can see the WIFI network called “Organelle.” However, when I try to connect, the computer always times out, then says 'The WIFI network ‘Organelle’ could not be joined.

Does it ask for a password before timing out? are you able to try connecting from another computer or your phone?

I tried with another computer and another router but the situation does not change! I also tried with an iphone but nothing to do. I don’t know how to fix the situation.
Help me because I don’t know how to do it. Grazie

Simoncini Stefano

I solved the wifi problem! Thanks for the support anyway!

That is great, I’m glad it is working now. What was the problem?

I could not start the pach manager screen to access the wifi setup of my organelle ruter.
I apologize for my confusion.