MarkovMod -Simple Sunday Sounds

Here is a Simple First order Markov sound maker

AUX Switches between Sawtoocm & Pulse

Aux2 Mute/Sound

Aux3 Invert Comb Filter

Aux4 Stops/Starts MArkov Sequence

Relatively Simple Instrument so i added a comb filter to turn it into a Markov Drone Maker
The orginal code had this weird setup that muted everything on initialization so tweak some values wiggle some knobs then unMute on Aux3 and you Will Get Sound.

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Also you can play it with Midi & the Organelle keys for basic Synth stuff

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there seems to be a problem with the main.pd in the folder. I downloaded a couple of times but the main.pd keeps showing up as 0 bytes and doesn’t load up on my computer. could it be a dropbox issue?

Having same issue here

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god dammit. Yes. dropbox is acting up again. it’s done this before same thing hang tight every one.

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here is an update can someone check it to make sure it’s not corrupted, i have to contact dropbox today but i think it also may be an issue with the folder i had with the menu template so this should fix


thanks for uploading again! I’m actually getting a constant tone, no variation. it switches between sawtooth and pulse and the pitch change makes it go lower or higher, but the keys don’t change it, the Markov stop/start doesn’t seem to be working and the tone simply keeps ringing out constantly.

perhaps it is corrupted or some Markov bit has gone missing.

thanks i was hoping it was just main but it’s the whole folder


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Apparently the whole folder was corrupted, not sure if it was my fault or Dropbox, probably mine. So i had to go back and re:connect what was intended to be a simple sunday exercise

it works! another WONDER-PATCH!

I like how you can turn the pitch knob to take it into ACE DRONE territory.

That was the idea! I think I isolated the issue that corrupts main finally

Amazing patch, thanks! Getting some very cool noise/drone stuff out of it :slight_smile: I’m getting the same as a few posts above tho, keys don’t seem to change pitch, or only VERY occasionally. Like they seemed to change pitch on about 1 press in 50. From brief test with the patch. Is that normal/am I being uneducated in the ways of Markov and it’s a param I need to switch somewhere?

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On page four you can adjust the amount of Markov with lower numbers acting and a kind of markov metronome. If you stop the markov and use a midi keyboard it should play notes or the playing keys should enter note values but I think the markov must be in checked. It’s really just to create some drones as mentioned

Cool, yeah it’s really nice for drones :slight_smile: Just seemed weird how only every now and again the organelle keys will work to enter notes. I just misconstrued your earlier reply to Andy as implying that his mention of there being no pitch from keys was a consequence of the initial corrupted files. Just checking I didn’t have a bad file or something :wink:

no the Markov when playing takes priority

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