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Hey C&G world,

I’ve been a longtime fan and user of C&G products (pocket piano since before midi! lol) and the Organelle seems like the perfect marriage of all their products. I was just wondering a few things - I understand it works “hand in hand” with pure data for patch editing, but can you edit patches in Max/MSP? Also, can the HDMI out be used for creating patches that explore video synthesis?

I just feel it would be great to work in both PD and Max since they are so similar and controlling video synth patches would put it miles above other open source hardware/software. Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

Thanks for checking out the Organelle. There used to be some compatibility between Pd and Max patch files (I think Pd could save and open Max files), but I believe Max now uses a new JSON file format, so this probably isn’t so easy anymore. It is probably easiest to just redo them in Pd…

Video synthesis poses some special challenges, and we haven’t begun to investigate using the Organelle for video synthesis yet, although it should be possible in theory.

I don’t know anything about video synthesis, but regarding Max/MSP or Pure Data : I’m not sure that Max/MSP can run on embedded systems or Linux. That being said, I come from a Max background and found it quite easy to make the switch to Pure Data. It took me a couple of days at most to be at ease. Many similar objects to work with and not much you couldn’t replicate in Pure Data (and it’s free!).

If you come from Max, you should give Pure Data a try. Be sure to check this page too :

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Thanks a ton for the hasty replies.

@oweno I didn’t even think of that, as far as the file format - probably much easier to re-do them as suggested.

@rawticks i’m also coming from a max background so I naturally want to stick with what I know lol but that link seems mega-useful, thanks for the backup folks.

I’m lookin forward to snagging an organelle in the near future!


Pd can open and save Max ‘text’ patches with a .pat file extension. Pd-extended can also open Max/MSP’s .help and .mxt files. If you want to save a patch as a Max/MSP .pat file, do File -> Save As, then manually type the ‘.pat’ extension when you are saving.

Max 5 introduced a new JSON-based file format with the extension .maxpat. Max 5 can still read the older Max 4 format .pat and .mxt formats that Pd can export, but MaxMSP? 5 can no longer write .pat or .mxt format files that Pd can directly read. Cyclone also can not read the new .maxpat file format.

Fredrick Olofsson has written a SuperCollider patch that can convert a Max 5 .maxpat file into a Max 4-compatible .pat file. The .pat files resulting from the conversion can then be opened in Pd or Cyclone.

Of course all the max objects in the patch need to have Pd alternatives for the patch to actually work (look at the cyclone library).