Anyone have ideas for an Organelle OS Update?

It seems like C&G plan to update the OS for the Organelle at some point, anyone got some ideas they’d like to see in there when they do?

I’d like to see if it’s possible for more than one patch to be open at once, with the ability to have different patches receiving MIDI data on different channels. This way, you could have more than one patch running at once on the same midi clock. Obviously this would be stressful on the CPU with some patches but with others I think there would still be plenty of headroom.

Anybody got other ideas?

I’d like to see a master MIDI channel setting in the menu where you shut down, reload, etc. I know it defaults to channel 1, but I thought I read somewhere that a patch could override that default if it’s coded that way. You could change these things in PD but I’d prefer a master setting to override a patch and not the other way around.

I’m curious to see what they can and cannot update on the Organelle. Since it is just a Linux computer running puredata, certain things might require digging into the settings with a screen where other things could be changed from the menu. Also will be interested to see if multiple patches is doable. On other single board computers I’ve tried puredata with, they weren’t even able to hand one of the Organelle patches.

It’d be nice to have subfolders like SYNTH, DRUM, VOCALFX, FX or something like that

  • subfolders
  • a way to transform mono input to stereo input (and maybe force input to L out and patch output to R out) > add routing possibilities. Simple mother patch mods, the real issue is how you control it in any patch… Which leads me to :
  • a way to run bash scripts or pd patches without killing the already running patch
  • a simple way to add such scripts and patches to a special menu (“utilities”). User case : i’m playing with a patch, i want to change my routing. I use the encoder and navigate to utilities/mono-in-to-stereo-in and clicks. As soon as i click, the script/patch is executed and i’m immediately taken back to my main patch.
  • better pot value filtering. It’s bad and kills the fun and the sound quality is many patches (Donnie Delay, the delay time changes randomly and clicks)

Sub folders 100%

Global midi channel setting

Agreed that mono/stereo settings would be nice.

Maybe this is already a possibility but USB audio interface integration

I think the multiple patch idea could be possible now. It would have to be able to access the folder containing all patches and allow you to select multiple. If a “root” patch could be loaded which utilized the menu knob to navigate you could select patches to run. Use the menu to swap out patches for others exit back to the main menu, save preset combinations. Even split the keyboard, although a “note in $0” type object (or something like that, I still don’t fully grasp those) Would be needed to give each sub patch a unique ID.

As for knob glitchiness, you can do a lot with pd to filter that. I have used sub patches to turn the 0-1 value into 128 discreet values with some simple math and a change object to stop any duplicate bangs. Fwiw.

Pot value filtering is a must if Organelle wants to be a serious, dependable instrument. (re: Fuurthur)

Support for multiple output (more than 2) audio interfaces would be awesome.

mono-stereo settings are already possible on the pd level and quite easy to implement I think. I have a subpatch that allows me to have a mix of both inputs with knob 3 and set which output carries how much of the direct input sound and the processed one. (wet-dry-50/50). Or do you mean something else?

I have often trouble in having Organelle recognize USB devices when more than one is connected. For example, if I connect an iConnect4+ and a QuNeo together using a powered USB hub, one of them is not recognized. So, better support for multiple USB devices and support for multiple MIDI controllers without having to go to PD and select multiple MIDI inputs.

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