Mellowtron isn't loading properly from SD Card

I put Mellowtron on the SD card and funnily enough, not all the instruments load their samples.
MKIIFlute or Brass for example do not load, where as if i load Cello, Cello plays fine.
Then if i load MKIIFlute again or Brass again, I still here Cello.

The Flute and Brass samples are on the SD card.

Identical patch from usbdrive works fine.

Has anyone seen this?

I don’t have that patch loaded on my Organelle at the moment but it may have something to do with the patch and files are using a mix of upper/lowercase letters in the filenames. @thetechnobear explains this well:

Ah right, got it. Thanks.
Fixed by renaming the folders to match the case used in main.pd