Microphone and Android Phone

Hi C&G team!

I’m considering the purchase of a Microphone, to set up a portable sound recording rig with an Android phone. I’m not looking for high quality, but convenience and fun. Sorry if the question is dumb, but i never used a mic with my phone :slight_smile:

So : what would be the best way to plug the Microphone to the USB-C port of my phone. I already have the USB-C/jack adapter. But should I need an adapter (TS to TRSS)? Is the Microphone on board preamp enough? Would it be better to get an external sound card? Which one?


Hi, Do you know if your USB-C/jack adapter will work as an audio input? These adapters are typically for audio output for headphones. There are some audio interfaces/mixers designed to work with phones - these are probably the best way to go.

Hi! You are right, I don’t even know if my USB-C adapter can handle TRSS. It was provided with the phone, but the brand doesn’t give any info about it. I have to find a headphone with to test that. I guess that if it works and if i get a TRRS/TRS to plug the Microphine, i would have to use an audio interface? I’d like to keep as much simple that possible.

Like Chris said, you’d first have to find out if your adapter is capable of TRRS connection. The easiest way is to see if you plug in a standard earbud/mic combo (like iphone headphones with the attached mic) and see if you’re able to record directly from that attached mic, or if it will only use the phone’s internal mic. You can tap on each source separately while recording, and see if it comes from the phone mic or the headphone. If it’s the phone, your phone may not be able to record external mics. If it is the headphone mic, all you would need is a TRRS breakout adapter. They look like this:
And then plug the mic into the mic adapter and it should work great. I’ve done this on my ipad, but my android phone doesn’t allow for external mic recording via the usb-c, so be sure to just test or look up the manual to see if you can.

Thanks a lot for this feedback! I did exactly what you suggested this afternoon : as I don’t have old headphones with integrated mic, i was able to ask a friend i was visiting if he had one. I did test it, and it does record via my USB-C adapter.
So I just have to get that TRRS breakout adapter now. I can see lots of them for less than 10€.