Microphone Recommendation?

I had the same problem so I got a cheap behringer mic preamp which solved the issue, it works fine with any mic now.

I was looking at that one! Nice and crisp and clean then luis? I use a Yamaha Audiogram 6 as a preamp for phantom power and just use the headphone out from that to go into the Organelle. Works for me, just a bit large and clunky. If anyone is in the UK and wants an MS-907, hit me up. :slight_smile:

Yep, no complaints whatsoever!

Those Sony mics were popular with like video camera guys and minidisc bootleggers. Been around awhile. I’ve managed to break a few in the last five years.
we just got a shure sm58 for ~100 yesterday, haven’t tried it thru the organelle yet but through an sp-404, I prefer it a lot over the ms907

One things bout the sony mic tho is if you plug it into a tape recorder and set it about ten feet away, it records such a warm nice tape. It like balances itself nicely from a distance

Im assuming what you have used the ms907 with before has either a mic level input or some kind of amp staging? Seems a cool mic, just not maybe the belissimo answer to low input on organelle i thought it was. Are you not boosting the signal from the sm58? Seems unlikely it could push out much signal without…

Front of the 404 has a line-in volume. That is my usual input. I’ve used the ms907 only a few times with the organelle. You’re right it isn’t the strongest — I learned about them because animal collective’s albums wiki pages mention them here and there, sung tongs, campfire songs, hcti, etc - but they also used them mostly with minidisc recorders and samplers. For years I used it as my microphone for a cassette tape recorder - which I still recommend trying if u did purchase one already
I’ll try the shure in the organelle in a sec

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I’d love to get a nice field recording piece of kit but think it might be while till im feeling that posh.

Update: the sm58 is quiet too

Months ago, having conected my sm58 and getting very low gain, I tried the suggestion of a user and I plug my mic through The Zoom recorder H2 and the gain is magnific and adjustable so the recorder has low-mid-high and volume. It’s the better solution I’ve found.