Microtuned Synth

Are there any Organelle synth patches which utilise microtunings.

I’ve been enjoying using this recently https://www.semantic-danielou.com

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The problem with micro-tuning is that it doesn’t play nicely with MIDI and standard midi keyboards. On one hand, it’s rather simple (yet time consuming) to program a synth in PURE DATA with non-standard-tuning, but on the other hand to really utilize microtunings (quarter notes etc.) you need a non-traditional interface and that interface will not speak standard midi. I’m not sure if the Organelle is really the right tool for this task.

You may find this interesting:

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I made a version of the ‘1008’ that lets you change the tuning/intonation on most of the synths a bit ago that, I never got around to releasing it properly but you can try it here:
If you go to the fourth page one of the knobs lets you choose from a bunch of intonations and microtunings.


@WyrdAl Sick!!

I’ve been sticking with standard tuning recently just because it’s difficult / impossible to tune all my gear the same, but am excited to check this out.

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i have a patch that is microtunable
it also has a python script for you to create your own microtunings
it was written about 15 years ago called tunetof.pd
the python script converts a .SCL file into the proper format so you can experiment with microtonality and extended termperaments