Midi and Ableton

So I know it has been said in order to get the organelle to work with ableton that you have to use two separate interfaces.My chain is as follows: Organelle> emu xmidi-1x1 > Motu Ultralite mk3 hybrid via firewire > PC > Ableton

Don’t I technically have 2 interfaces here? (emu midi 1x1 and the Motu interface)

In the Critter and Guitari video they are using the 2x2 midisport with a similiar emu 1x1 cable coming from the organelle. I don’t understand why my setup doesn’t work and that one does?

Is there a way to program the organelle so it acts as a slave instead of host, or Ableton as a slave to the organelle?

Any help would be awesome!

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i would LOVE to know this. I started fooling with MIDI last night and i am able to start some sequences and adjust MIDI but i had to reboot both my MIDI chain and the Organelle before the MIDI BPM was stable [it was 1/2 or 1/4 the speed of the other items at first , now it seems to be my master clock and that is what i wanted