Help Ableton - MIDI Setup

Hi guys, I’m quite new to Organelle and to MIDI, I tried to read on the forum other similar questions, but I’m not able to find a solution to my problem, so sorry if this is a dumb or redundant question. Thanks so much in advance for your help!

I would like to connect Ableton to Organelle, I just need the MIDI Clock from Ableton to Organelle, so I need to use Ableton as MIDI master. I’ve got a Focusrite 2i4, which has MIDI IN and OUT. Then I’ve got a DIN - MIDI USB converter [this one:].
The path is Mac -> Focusrite -> MIDI converter -> Organelle
Unfortunately it doesn’t work, what am I missing?

Thanks so much guys! :slight_smile:

Check the midi channels and settings of the organelle. And enable midi send in ableton settings to the midiport with the organelle.

First what Organelle patch are you using? Not all receive Midi clock :wink:
Use C&G Arpeggio Synth (for this test) and press the AUX key(Latch ON) and play a key note

In AB LIve enable SYNC ( the middle ON) then “master” Play

On the Organelle check >Settings > MIDI Setup >MIDI Device : ??hobbytronics??
click SAVE