Organelle M MIDI from Ableton

Hi! Please forgive the probably incorrect placement of this question. I’m trying to get the organelle to be sequenced by an octatrack. I’ve tried plugging it straight into midi out from the octatrack (no luck) and in my usb hub on the computer, attempting to send midi from the octatrack to Ableton, then to the organelle. I’m not having any luck with either of these approaches.

I also find that in the midi settings on the organelle, it only gives me the option to set midi device as “midi through port-0”. The only time I’ve seen it behave any differently was when I plugged an OP-1 into it.

I’ve tried using a usb cord and a midi adapter that plugs into the back of the organelle M.

What am I doing wrong? Can what I want to do be accomplished? I’d like to send note (and transport, preferably) data to the organelle from the octatrack or Ableton. I also understand that some patches don’t receive midi in, so I tried patches that are documented to do so, such as the C&G arpeggiator. Still no luck.

Thanks for your help!