Midi changes

I can see midi notes being triggered in the Eyesy, but I only see the visuals being effected in some of the modes. Do I have to write code for midi note changes into each mode for the midi notes to have an effect.

Also, do the cc changes have to be in the code as well for the same reason?

I would to change captured scenes/modes as midi notes are triggered. I’m looking at the cc changes in the manual and I only see nob references. Is there a way to program scene changes via midi notes? Via cc changes?

New to coding. Putting on the training wheels :slight_smile:

This is correct…The factory modes really don’t respond to MIDI except for the trigger modes where you can assign MIDI notes or clock to trigger changes.

There are 5 CC messages handled automatically that control the 5 knobs, but if you wanted to use other CC messages you would have to code those into the modes.

MIDI program change messages will select scenes (or modes if there are no scenes saved), but you need OS 2.1 (also looks like the manual doesn’t indicate this yet and needs update). Check section 6.1 for updating OS.

Changing modes or scenes with MIDI notes or CC is not possible.