MIDI clock question

I’m using a Roland 707 as the master clock connected to the organelle, but I also want to use and external MIDI keyboard. I bought a USB hub so I would connect both at the same time, but whenever I do that the Organelle stops syncing the tempo with the Roland. It’s not a problem with the usb hub because if I connect the roland to the hub without the mid keyboard it works fine.

What am I missing?

Anyone? It’s really annoying to be switching midi cables all the time and reloading patches… :confused:

The Organelle can only interact with one USB MIDI device. So what you probably want to do is look at your chain of MIDI gear and see if you can move everything to the MIDI Din side of the chain instead of the USB side. Maybe Roland -> (MIDI Din) Keyboard -> (USB MIDI) Organelle? Does your MIDI Keyboard have MIDI Din plugs on it?

That sucks! :confused:

The problem is that the keyboard is quite old and only has Midi Out, no Midi In. For that chain you suggested to work, I would need a keyboard with Midi thru, right?

Perhaps there is a way to reconfigure your mother.pd file then. But that is beyond me currently.

The only other thing I can think of is to try some config where you have Keyboard -> TR-707 -> Organelle.

Would something like this work with the organelle?


Oh right, I meant to write that as a suggestion too :slight_smile: Yeah I think that would work for you. You would just have to make sure that the 707 is not transmitting notes to the Organelle also. But based on some light googling, this is definitely something that can be done.

Thanks! I think it should work for most cases, because the 707 only transmits notes in track mode. If I want to use a track from the 707 I’ll still have to disconnect the midi cable, which is not ideal but I guess I’ll have to live with that.

I hope that the one midi device limitation will be removed in a future update. I am also having serious problems because of this. I like the limitations of the Organelle, but this one is really frustrating.

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I agree, this is the most frustrating limitation of the Organelle, really hope it might get fixed in a future update.

I’ve solved my original problem (getting midi input for 2 different devices) with a MIDI merge box, but now I have a different problem: I’d like to get MIDI input from an external keyboard, and send MIDI clock to a Korg Volca FM. I haven’t had a chance to try it because I don’t have the necessary cables right now, but I assume this also impossible due to the one MIDI device limitation, right?

Hi Luis. If your external keyboard has only USB MIDI, yes that’s impossible. If it also has 5-DIN MIDI out, then it’s possible.

The new OS has not addressed this issue, but then, it has these new custom scripts, which may actually allow multiple MIDI devices, as they allow us to go deeper in the system/OS (such as allowing Wi-Fi connection).

I have already asked if the custom scripts will allow multiple MIDI devices. Keep watching the new OS thread here on the forum.


I use this:

Its a USB MIDI USB cable very useful

Luis, you can set the MIDI Channel of Organelle and 707 to separate values. I think this will make Organelle ignore notes from 707… and if you ever need to get those notes into the Organelle, you can always use a notein object with 707’s MIDI channel.

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NO! THIS WILL NOT WORK>>> I know because I have one. It is NOT a “Powered” Midi thru box. You need a POWERED one like a Kenton Thru 5. I had to buy a Kenton Thru 5 to get my Organelle to sync up with midi, as I did not have my MOTU midi interface anymore.

Actually I got it to work, but thanks to a stroke of luck.
The input 1 on the MIDI Solution merge boxes expect some sort of powered MIDI connection, and I discovered that if I use the MIDI port on my Ditto Looper X4 pedal it works! Apparently the Ditto sends some current on it’s MIDI out that’s enough to power the box.
I’ve been using it like this for a few months now.

Oh sweet, that is awesome! good job on the cool workaround

yes midi merge send power but the merge box is plugged n?