Midi Help - Using both USB and TRS simultaneously?

Hi All, I’m pretty new to the midi world, so please bear with me!

Here’s my setup:

Roland System-8 > TT-78 Drum Machine > Organelle M > Op-1

All I’m trying to do is synchronize the clock/start from the System 8 to all these devices.

I’ve got it going fine from the Roland all the way to the Organelle. But I can’t seem to get the clock to sync properly from Organelle to OP-1.

Since I only want the midi clock, I am using different midi channels. When I sync the Op1 w/ the organelle, it locks in a really fast tempo and I can’t control it from the System-8 like I can all the others.

I’m wondering if it’s because I am using TRS Midi for the Input to Organelle and USB for midi out to the OP1. Is that allowable?


This fast tempo on OP1 could be happening because of a MIDI clock loop between the Organelle and OP1. If you disable MIDI Out on OP1 do you still get fast tempo?

Thanks. I have the OP1 in “Sync” mode which I think means it should just receive a clock but not output any midi. I’ll mess around w/ it more though.

I think I tried every combo. Definitely seems like a clock loop. To me it seems like an issue w/ the OP-1 where it still sends a clock out even though it’s in SYNC mode. All other midi seems to pass through just fine.

If I set the OP-1 as the master for clock, it’s fine (but not what I want). Pretty strange. Even did a factory rest of OP-1. I suppose a USB MIDI host would correct it…