MIDI Implementation

I’m a long time Organelle 1 user that has been trying to sync OP-1 and now Zoia with Organelle over usb-midi with a powered hub. MIxed results. Mostly frustration.
I’m wondering about the expanded midi functionality of Organelle M.

Is simultaneous syncing between usb midi and trs midi peripherals supported? Ex. OP-1 direct to usb, ZOIA direct to TRS, OrgM as host.

Is tempo jitter over sync improved from the last version?

Is midi routing still handled by external code editing, sans in-menu UI?

The MIDI implementation for the Organelle M is currently the same, with the addition of TRS MIDI. By default, TRS MIDI is always connected, and the MIDI setup menu lets you select an additional USB MIDI. So if you plug in your OP-1 and choose it in the MIDI Setup menu, clock from Pd should go out USB and TRS.

So this should work out of the box, but you want to make sure OP-1 is not sending any clock, only receiving.

The Organelle 1 and M should be similar in this regard. Do you have a sound example of things going out of sync? it might just be the BPM display that is off…

Yeah, if you want to configure more devices, or prevent the TRS from always being connected, you’ll have to edit the configuration manually.