MIDI clock start

Hi every body!

I’m new here and i have a question:

is there any patch that behaves like the PLAY button in Ableton?

I mean when i’m in ableton and i press play, my drum machine (MFB 522) starts doing its programmed patterns. But when i connect (though MIDI cable) the organelle to the MFB 522, i can hear the sound of it when i press the button of the organelle, but i can’t find a patch that can start the pattern of the drum machine.

Any suggestions?

there is an ableton link patch around somewhere but you need a little wireless adapter. i assume that would do the trick

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so you want organelle to start your MFB 522?
if so , you just need to send it a midi clock start message (=250), using the midiout object.

its unlikely a patch does this, and only this
as for a patch that does this? perhaps one of the patches with a sequencer might send it?
or perhaps there is a midi sequencer that does it?

If I were you, id look for a patch that you want to use, and then look into adding the start/stop ->midi out, if its not already there.

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@shreeswifty thank you! the fact is that i don’t want to use ableton.

@thetechnobear Yess! this is what i want.
For exemple it would be cool using the arpeggio that sync the MFB22 but i’m not really into pd.
Btw thank you

good time to learn some PD :slight_smile:

I went to check the arpeggio patch, to see how easy it is , and (theoretically) its easy.

so in the arpeggio patch, you’ll see it uses a sub patch called master metronome,

one of the inlets (left hand side) goes to a toggle, this is the on/off for the metro

what you want to do is…
if this (toggle) is 1, you want to bang the [250] you see in the bottom corner
(someone obviously thought about sending a start, but decided against it :wink:

also you should implement clock stop, which is 252
so copy the [250] change it to 252, and connect it also to the midiout
now, if the toggle is 0 you want to bang the 252

viola, your patch will work lovely… and it will be sync’d
(fyi, the patch is already sending out midi clock ,248)


:open_mouth:WOW!! I’m gonna try as soon as i can!
Yes definitely good times to learn some pd!

I’ll update you in my attempt to modify the patch.

Thank you very much!

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I know that I could be exiled from this forum for this.
I’ve tried to follow your instructions but I could not do anything sensible

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why would you be exiled… I think more people should be trying to DIY… thats the only way to learn PD.
I preferring helping people do this, rather than doing it for them.
“…, teach a man to fish and he can feed himself forever” (or whatever the quote is :wink: )

ok, which patch are you looking at, I looked at arpeggio synth and sampler, and I think they have a slightly newer version of master-metronome.pd that the one you are looking at…

this is the version i see… and you could adapt the one your using to the same…

ive annotated to explain whats needed, (it would have been faster to patch it, but thats not the point :wink: )

just to be clear, dont just connect to the toggle, you need to put another object or two there …
hint: you want a bang for one wire if its ==0 and another if its not ==0 :slight_smile:



you’re right! I’m gonna try to understand more of it now.
Yes the patch i had was an older one that’s why i didn’t recognize the steps you wrote to me.
Let’s see if i’m gonna find out something. :))

Thanks for your patience.