Sequencer Automatically starting when connected to clock

Hello everyone - new to the forum! Just got my organelle S and am integrating it into my live setup. I have midi clock always running between my chain of synths and pedals for my live show. Without initiating any start/stop message, any patch with a sequencer seems to start automatically. Is there a way to disable this? thank you so much everyone :slight_smile:

What patches are you using? They may need to be modified to not start on receiving midi clock and need to receive a start message first

Thanks for responding! I was using the Euclidian patch and switched to one other in Orac before stopping to try and figure it out

Hi - are you sure it is a sequence that starts playing? With the Euclidean Rhythms patch, an incoming MIDI note will start looping the sample.

Sorry - I am not sure that it is a sequence or what the proper terminology would be. I can check my midi monitor to make sure that nothing is sending a note on the channel that it is receiving tomorrow when I’m back in front of it, but really it just starts as soon as I change the patch to it. The only thing that is constantly happening is clock so I figured that was the culprit but I’m not necessarily sure. Thank you - I appreciate the help!

So after some additional testing today I want to clarify what is happening. It is maybe more of an ORAC thing that I had realized initially

  • I am using ORAC while building this patch. The second I open an ORAC patch with “Euclidian” in one of the slots, it starts playing despite receiving no start/stop command. This happens with or without MIDI clock being received.
  • Not every sequencer does this - for example, Punchy does not automatically play while Grids will.
  • Euclidian does not automatically play when I open it outside of ORAC

Does this mean I need to edit something inside of ORAC? I have no PD experience to this point and am not super confident in my abilities to poke around those files, although I am willing to try if that is what will help. Thanks everyone!

Every patch handles MIDI differently. I will see if I can do some testing. If you have no pure data experience, I would recommend the series Real Time Music and Sound with Pure Data from Andrew Brown and then poking around in various patches to see if you can follow what parts of the patches are doing. That’s what I did to teach myself. I’ll see if I can identify what needs to be changed.

Thank you so much! I appreciate the help.