Midi controller for organelle

Hi. I was thinking about getting a midi keyboard for my organelle. One thing I’d like to do is have more parameter adjustment available on the fly. For example I like a lot of synth patches with multiple pages of different things to adjust with the organelle’s four knobs, but you have to jump between pages to control the different parameters. It would be great to have a keyboard or controller with more knobs so i could adjust things without doing so much menu diving. Is this do-able? If so, are there certain things I should look for / watch out for? Thanks -Matt

Yep very doable. You’ll have to edit each patch so your midi controllers knob values do something. Just add a “ctlin” to receive the midi ctrl knob value and map it to the relevant knob value on the Organelle.

Edit it in pure data?

Yep, patches won’t know what to do otherwise,

Orac has really easy midi learning functionality for multiple parameters built in. I use a midi fighter twister for access to 64 different parameters. If you want to add it to a regular Organelle patch, unfortunately you will probably have to manually add it in the pure data patch with method described by @Donnerbono

Cool. Good to know it’s possible. Might be wise for me to invest in a usb mouse and keyboard to see if i can figure out pd before i buy a midi controller since I don’t have any experience with that.

If you have a computer or a phone you can use VNC viewer to access the organelle already! Its not too difficult though.

Thanks for the info everybody. Guess it’s time roll up my sleeves and learn some stuff!

The main thing to remember with the controller is its power requirements. The Organelle can only power a controller that needs 0.5a of current or less. Some of the more demanding controllers may need an external power supply.

For example, my Organelle can power my Nektar Impact 61 keyboard, but can’t power my Launchpad Pro.