MIDI files on the 201

When you record a sequence on the 201 it gets stored in a simple text format. Basically just a list of events (note on / off) and the times at which they occur (the time is notated in ticks, with 360 ticks per quarter note) With the 201 in disk mode you can view / add / change the seq.txt file in a preset.

MIDI files are a similar list of events, however they are stored in a binary file format. Here is a simple python script to convert any MIDI file to a seq.txt file that the 201 can understand.

miditoseq.py (1.3 KB)

You will also need to install the mido on your computer to run it. This should be possible with:

pip install mido

Then to run the converter script:

python miditoseq.py name-of-midi-file

And it should spit out a seq.txt file. Currently it is merging all note messages on every track of the MIDI file, but this could be changed if you wanted only the notes from a specific track.


Thanks for sharing this @oweno :slight_smile: