MIDI Keyboad controller recommendations for the ‘M

Any suggestions/advice for a midi keyboard controller for the ‘M?

Just found out that Yamaha electric piano is a no-go - win/Mac only - but of a bummer since I just bought the cable to connect to the YDP-143 :frowning:

Anything recommended on the cheap 26/32 key end of the market? (I’m not buying another piano!)


EDIT: just checked the specs on YDP-143, and doesn’t look like it has MIDI DIN (criminal for a piano!), but see my reply on your other post

if your piano has a MIDI DIN output, then you could just buy a USB midi din converter - lots available from unbranded ones for $15 to Roland for $30 - these work well, and have two DINS, so you can use for both midi in and out.

this would be my recommendation , at least as a starting point.

you can also get a midi DIN to TRS-A adapter that will work for the organelle-m.
Im slightly hesitant to recommend this, as some seem to have had some issues with some controllers.
but Im sure these will be fixed, and this is a really simple and neat solution :slight_smile:

I’ve not used this with my M, as I already had USB->MIDI DIN which i was happy with,
but if I didn’t, then Id have probably gone for a din to trs A

note: in both cases, depending upon adapter you might also need to buy a midi cable.

I can’t recommend a midi controller, I use one of my synths… and the budget area is a bit of a minefield in terms of ‘feel’ but Andrew Huang did a good review recently of budget keyboards.

btw: having some pots on the controller can be very handy with the organelle to go beyond the 4 pots on the organelle. also most patches are velocity sensitive. so that 2 things Id look for.

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Thank you. That video is excellent. The Arturia MiniLab MkII has lots of lovely knobs!

Found an old PSR-E303 and it has MIDI DIN sockets! Got it working with a USB MIDI DIN converter as per you suggestion and it works great with the 'M.

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