MIDI Keyboard Controller Recommendations

I’m wanting to purchase a MIDI keyboard to use with the Organelle. Specifically, I’ve been looking at the M-Audio Oxygen 49 or the M-Audio Keystation 49.

The keyboards are similar, except the Oxygen has more pads, knobs, and sliders. I was wondering if anyone could speak from experience, whether patches for the organelle often utilize things like sliders and pads, or if they mostly just use the keys.

Also are there any other keyboard controllers that anyone can speak highly of?

In my use, i tend to use a decent midi sequencer just for sending midi notes, or a midi keyboard without using sliders or knobs. At the moment the answer depends on how involved you personally want to get with patching and furthermore how experienced you are with programming already really (in my case, not very). The recent ‘Sampler Style 49’ and a few synth patches support velocity so if you want to play nice nuanced stuff with pads or keys you can. Beyond that at the moment it would only make sense to get a controller with 4 sliders/knobs. Do you intend to sacrifice creative time to do some Pure Data patching? If so, you can write stuff into patches so you can control as many parameters as you like with as many sliders as you like. @thetechnobear might have something to say here because he’s been trying to work on making that way easier.

Im looking for a ‘portable’ keyboard too, though not so much for Organelle, as for other devices…
(I have a Virus which I use as a master keyboard)

my main interest lies with arturia keystep or xkey 37 (?), just cant decide if I favour the poly pressure (xkey) or cv (keystep)

but neither has sliders/knobs, which I think could be really useful as, yes, the ‘new thing’ I’m working on, has midi learn, so you will (very easily/quickly) be able to map any knob/slider (midi cc) to any (one or more) parameter(s).
so having a bank of knobs, could be really useful as you are able to adjust parameters that are not currently on the organelle screen.

(Im currently considering the Bastl 60 knobs as an option… its a pity they dont do an enclosure without the obvious drum labelling, also its not usb midi, just midi din, and whilst I have a cable its another thing to carry/forget)

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Hi there! I’m reviving this thread 'cause I’m also looking for any recommendation about a MIDI Keyboard to control my Organelle M, 49 or 61 keys. I’m wondering if there’s any device that “talks” better to the Organelle in terms of pads/faders/knobs. Any advice will be much appreciated, thanks a lot!