USB Piano Keys Controller Discussion

Hi All!

I am currently trying to decide what USB/midi keyboard I want to buy to control the Organelle with. Right now I am using my Timbre Wolf, which ,silly as it may be, has nice keys (I come from a piano background so the large keys are nicer). I am thinking about something like the Nektar impact lx88, but I am afraid to pull the trigger as I am unsure if it will need a driver to run with the Organelle (which I know is not supported). I mainly want access to a lot of octaves and nice key action. Has anyone here worked with a Midi Keyboard/Controller that they care for? I’d love to here opinions of ones you have tried/ I am desperate for recommendations.

(A side note: while the Timbre Wolf does work well most of the time it kind of freaks out during some patches and ramps the pitch way up, the lovely Juno patch that was floating around here is one such patch)