Midi not working with ableton

Hey all,

I’m pretty new to controlling my organelle with ableton. Two nights ago I got a midi to usb cable and plugged in my organelle to my interface and was able to control what the organelle played with the piano roll and the external instrument plugin.

However, today I downloaded the update to 3.1 and all of a sudden it seems to stop working. I even downgraded to 2.1 and I’m still having the same problem. My midi cable flashes when midi data is being sent and it looks like ableton is sending the midi data just fine but the organelle isn’t receiving it. I made sure to be on the same channels and everything but nothing seems to work? Any idea what the problem is? I’m pretty frustrated at this point.

No need to; there is new things added to how MIDI IN and OUT behave.

First go to Setting>MIDI setup and MIDI IN : Enabled
Choose what MIDI IN CH or Omni
Do you have only one device connected?

yeah I have one device connected and i did all that, messed around with it for an hour but it won’t work. i tried using different midi channels, unplugged and replugged it in, reset ableton and my organelle. nothing worked

What is the USB TO MIDI device? Brand? Did you tryed on the two OG USB ports?
Also what OG patch are using? Can you try with C&G Analog Style…

analog style was what i was using, this is the cable im using: https://www.amazon.com/Interface-OIBTECH-Upgrade-Professional-Converter/dp/B07B4SBPC5/ref=pd_day0_267_3?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07B4SBPC5&pd_rd_r=E4Z2ZV1FN7RA9E8YJS1H&pd_rd_w=Z6NZk&pd_rd_wg=plf5e&psc=1&refRID=E4Z2ZV1FN7RA9E8YJS1H

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What is the rest of the setup?
You can’t connect a DIN plug to Ableton LIVE :thinking:

it’s running through my interface and I literally had it working yesterday

well I reinstalled the update again and it worked, thanks for you’re patience! lol I really do appreciate it though

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