Midi notes sticking - Keystep + Organelle M

I am getting stuck notes from my arturia keystep that is plugged in through usb. i have it selected in the midi menu as well. using an M.
feel like im getting a midi feedback loop as i am getting input level for some reason but have no idea what to do.

Do you have the M set to send MIDI out too? If so you might have a MIDI feedback loop.

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nope. its disabled. the note will stop playing when I switch patches.

That makes sense as Pd quits and relaunches when you select a patch.

To confirm, you’re playing notes on the Keystep (sending to M)?
Which patch are you using on M?
After selecting MIDI settings, you select ‘Save’ at bottom of menu?

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I am sending notes to the M. I have tried several patches and they all seem to stick. I also did save my settings when setting up MIDI. I’ve tried the keystep on other devices without the problem happening as well.

what is your Keystep sync set to? I think it should be Internal, right?
http://downloads.arturia.com/products/keystep/manual/KeyStep_Manual_1_0_0_EN.pdf (Chapter 7)

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yes it is set to internal

Do you have the newest Keystep firmware? https://www.arturia.com/support/updates&manuals

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oh my god I think that might have done it. Thank you so much.

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What if I want to slave the Organelle M to the keystep via MIDI TRS IN? It doesnt happen to work at all and the midi trs in/out addition the only reason I bought the Organelle M instead of the old one. I have a 100% working cable.

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