MIDI Omni input, limit to channels 1-4

Hello all,

I am using a usb-midi device that sends note values on channels 1-6. However, I am only interested in receiving channels 1-4. Is there a way to change the global settings for the Organelle to achieve this?

Additionally, could someone provide a link to info on doing this at the patch-level?

Thank you!

At the patch level, the [notein] object can be used to listen to specific MIDI channels. So [notein 3] would only listen to Channel 3. Floss Pd manual has more info.

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I’m not exactly sure where I would introduce this object. If I wanted to create a modified version of Dropper that only accepted note values from channels 1-4, how would do this?

If it’s not a big ask, I would really appreciate an example to get me started.

For the Dropper patch, open main.pd, delete [r notes] and replace with the eight objects within pink oval:

(When you’re done, you don’t want to have two copies of everything below the oval as I showed above!)

Keep ‘Omni’ as MIDI In channel option under Organelle MIDI Settings.

I wrote that chapter of the flossmanuals! haha. Makes me happy to see it linked here…

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Thanks for that! It’s very helpful!

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