MIDI on the Organelle M - the jack doesnt seem to work mostly, USB does

Hi, thanks @fwwwn, our previous discussion was regarding the clock only, I didnt realise you had also fully midi sequenced via the midi jack. Given that I am using exactly the same config for USB midi (which all works) and jack midi (which doesnt) I cant see how it can be the devices controlling that are at fault, I’m now veering towards having a faulty midi in socket, which is a real pain. I’ll contact my supplier for a replacement.

thanks @chrisk , thats a bit complicated to do so will have to wait till later but I have just checked midi out of organelle into moog mother 32 and that all works fine (note on/off as expected) will try controlling OT later but thats not a “known” config for me so not sure what to expect. Normally I control/sequence everything from the OT and the organelle is the only beastie to have given me grief like this, however, I forgive it for being just the best thing in all other respects!

Update: just tried controlling OT from organelle, top range of org keyboard plays notes on/off as expected on OT so all seems good. Bottom half seem to map to controls rather than notes, this is almost certainly my inexperience in set up of this config , will look deeper later but so far seems ok? If midi out is ok but midi in not what does this mean @chrisk ?

Thanks for going deep on this.
Do you have another synth you can try sending MIDI to the Organelle with?

No, only other devices are midi over USB from which all works fine. At this point i’m about 90% confident it’s a hardware fault so i’ve Returned to my supplier for a replacement. No one else on here has reported similar issues so hopefully it’s just a one off bad connection. I’ll update when I get my replacement to confirm.

I should add @chrisk that I shared your puzzlement about missing every note off and getting every note on, that didn’t sound like hardware fault so I messed with this some more and actually it misses some note on signals as well, this swung it for me to hardware.

Thanks for your help everyone.

hey i am having a strange midi situation as well. when i have no other usb stick loaded to the M, and the OS is just running from the SD card the MIDI bpm goes absolutely crazy and runs all the way up to like 2000 or something insane. in fact the numbers just keep changing and any note i play gets frozen. i dont have this problem however if i am controlling the midi through usb, or if i am running patches from a stick instead of the sd card. what could be the issue yall think?

@watrshed Sorry about this issue. It is a recently discovered bug that we will fix with an OS update. The cause of this is in MIDI settings, where you can select ‘MIDI Through Port 0’ which connects MIDI Out to In in software. This loop causes the ramping tempo. (If you are curious the bug is that the ‘MIDI Through Port 0’ should have never been in the device list to begin with. It is not ‘MIDI Thru’ in the traditional sense, e.g. MIDI input being passed to the output, but it is actually connecting internally the output from the software (Pd) to the input, causing a feedback loop…)

For now, please avoid selecting ‘MIDI Through Port 0’ and you should be fine. If you do select by mistake, the simple fix is to insert any USB MIDI controller, navigate to the MIDI device and select that controller instead.

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Hi @watrshed yes, @chrisk explained this bug to me earlier here and I see he has beaten me to it replying to your post. The bug is fustrating when you dont know whats going on but its easy to avoid when you do know. My problems seemed to be hardware related, confused initially by this bug, I’m waiting for a new organelle and will update here when it arrives.

thanks for the reply @chrisk. i just stick to the usb midi controller. i did think that option for midi thru port=0 was strange, as you said it didnt make sense. i love my M though and was hoping it was a common bug. best.
also @Devoid, i hope you get your M back asap as i can imagine you are missing it!

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@chrisk Does this mean that in the future, you will be able to route midi through the Organelle M? So, if you have a USB midi controller on one USB port and a synth on the second USB port, you could route Midi from the controller through the Organelle (as a midi hub) to the synth?

This kind routing is already possible, but you have to set it up manually, there is no menu options for it yet. More info here:

@watrshed We just released a new version of OS which takes care of this bug:

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Hey I just updated and now my Organelle wont show any devices as being available for midi??? am i missing something? I cant get it to connect to any devices.

okay scratch that i did get it to recognize my digitakt through the usb but still no luck through the trs.

As I think you noted on the other thread , only usb midi devices are listed - the TRS midi is always available.

there’s no way for midi din incl TRS, to currently know if the cable is actually plugged into something - perhaps with midi 2.0 :slight_smile:

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I just received my Organelle M today and tried to use the midi trs jack. I’m using a type A adapter that I have from my Model Cycles, which should be the same type as the one sold on C&G’s site. I don’t see any midi devices displayed when plugged in directly from my keystep or going through my midihub. I’ve tried other synths to no avail. Any ideas? Thank you!

Hi Ronan, I just use the USB midi interface, not trs, because of the issues above (and really this is what I would recommend) but I do have all the same bits as you (keystep, cycles, etc) so I’ll set this config up later today and let you know what I find

The Technobear answered this in the post above yours:

This config works for me. As @chrisk and @thetechnobear say TRS is always active. The simple config I just tested was Keystep midi out into M midi in using standard midi cable and the adapter that came with model samples. The M is set to receive midi on channel 14 (settings, midi setup, midi in enabled, midi channel = 14. THEN SAVE!) keystep set to output on 14. Used “basic poly” patch and can play away.

The keystep arp and M is a great combo, glad you prompted me to set it up again!

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@Devoid and @chrisk, thank you for taking the time to look into my question! i missed the part where I had to use channel 14 for trs. It does work now! I don’t hear an audible issue with the bpm going up and down slightly when connected to midi, but is that typical? thanks again.

Hi you don’t need to use Channel 14 (that was just my example) just make sure both M and keystep use the same channel. The bpm skipping up/down 1 or so is typical but I’ve never heard it cause a problem.

Note that different patches can implement midi differently and things may work/not work on patch by patch basis so when you post queries its a really good idea to state what patch you are running, and to test things on a standard issue patch from C&C.

Have fun.

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