Organelle M MIDI Out issue

I got an Organelle M last week and have been having a blast with it so far. Tonight I made this arp in LoFi Poly Piano that I was really digging. I decided I wanted to record the audio and midi in my DAW for further manipulation. The audio worked great but I couldn’t get the midi out to work for the life of me.

I am using these adaptors and an iConnectivity Mio USB Midi Interface.

I got the Organelle to send some data to my Mac if I pulled the trs end out halfway but it wasn’t the kind of midi I was expecting. It wasn’t notes. Here is a screenshot of the data it put out with the cable out halfway. With the trs cable in the Organelle fully, no midi data was being transmitted. I confirmed the the Mio is working well with my Pocket Pianos midi out.

I’m brand new to the Organelle so maybe it’s something that it doesn’t really do but I think it does and I’m just doing something dumb! Any help would be very appreciated.

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given these are compatible with the 1010music, I think they are not the correct cables :frowning:

according to this the 1010music uses MIDI TRS B

the organelle-m uses MIDI TRS A, which has been adopted by the MMA as the standard going forward for TRS.

Thank you so much! I knew it was something silly. The music store rep who guaranteed these would work with the Organelle is going to about this one!

I imagine it’s best to return these and get type a. But maybe I can rewire these cables easily? Is that a bad idea?

Thank you again, I really appreciate it.

i paid like 14$ each for the Korg versions from Amazon

These work perfectly

you could… following the wiring on that page. then double check pinout with voltmeter, although probably easier to just return em for the correct ones, always ends up being more cutting and soldering than you think.

This is all so helpful! Thank you!

One more question: does the Organelle do midi out via usb? I know it’s a host so I’m unsure if/how that works.

Sure it does :wink: MIDI over USB.

Would I just need a usb type a to usb type a cable to connect it to my Mac?

no the organelle is a brain, it’s a computer that wont work unless i am mistaken.

Host (OG) to host computer (MAC or PC) …
Take a look at this thread USB MIDI-USB - Seville Soft - MIDI connection between two host

Thanks everyone. Ordered the type a adaptors and now just need to be patient.

that looks like a nifty solution

yeah, unfortunately this midi trs A vs B is gonna probably keep coming up for a while.

its one of those arbitrary decisions (vhs/Betamax :wink: ) … and the midi association decided to back korg (trs A) , when perhaps there were more users using the arturia/novation (trs B) standard.

eventually, it’ll all calm down to the MMA (trs A) standard (assuming novation/arturia gracefully accept the decision) , but its gonna be a few confusing years for us end users, till that happens.

but totally right that C&G embrace the adopted standard, even if like me , I have the wrong adapters initially :wink:


Thanks so much for all your help, everyone. I’ve learned so much! What an amazing first experience on this forum.