Midi troubles

I’m pretty certain the 1/8" midi in and out jacks on my organelle M OS4 have died.
Was uncertain at first as I have edited a few patches and had been using usb for a while as I lost my midi cable adapter a while ago.
Finally got the cables today (that i bought through the critter website for the organelle) and realised the midi wasnt sending or recieving through the 1/8"s. I got a new sd card and installed a frsh OS4 and orac 2.0 to try from scratch and the only midi works is throug the usb.
The cables I bought do work when I use them with the microfreak which is a relief.
Is there anyway I can try fix this?

One way to quickly check to see if the Organelle’s MIDI-TRS jacks are working is to disconnect everything except power cable, launch a patch with a tempo aspect like Arp Synth, and then using a stereo mini cable that you know works, connect the MIDI In & Out jacks together. You should see the tempo ramp up while they are connected.

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Seeing no bpm freakout sadly

Which patch did you try? What kind of cable?

Tried it again and got it working, turns out my trusty cable was no longer trusty.
So back to good news, midi is working (bpm is jumping around). That’s a relief.
So then I’m back to the issue of the midi ports not working on orac. Especially as it’s all newly installed with no files tweaked.

Have you checked the midi settings for each chain in orac?

They are set to different channels initially.

Press selector and top left key, then scroll with selector past all of the regular slots A1,A2 A3,etc (here you can turn midi notes thru on/off) and you’ll reach the gain and midi settings for each chain.

The thing is its for the midi clock to go into a hub and be split to 4 different instruments.

I’ve checked all the settings, don’t need to send midi out through different channels just yet. (Side note this does work when using a USB cable and using the organelle to control my microfreak).

For the usb I turn the midi settings on to locate my device and I turn it off when I’m not using it to make sure there’s no midi confusion happening.

Also the usb sends the midi clock without issue to the microfreak. I can adjust microfreaks settings to receive midi through trs cable but when I do it doesn’t receive anything.

However by testing the midi out with a midi to trs cable im not seeing any midi being sent. The same with sending a master clock from ableton into the midi in. Orac still will not pick up. So I’m pretty confused but I’ve got it working through usb and then I send my midi clock through microfreak. Just a bit more of a round about way than I would like but not too bad either.

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You don’t need to turn off MIDI when you use the MIDI TRS jacks. They are always on.

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Hey re-bumping this as I’ve done some more experimenting
I’m sorry to drag this out for so long, it’s just so infuriating trying to work this out alone.

So using your method of running a stereo mini cable and using arp synth seq3 I can see the bpm jump up to 2000± (exciting to know the midi ports are working)
I’ve ordered and recieved 2 midi-trs cables I bought off the critterandguitari website, and can vouch they work, as they work on the microfreak I have with ableton.

To test the midi I’m running midi OUT from ableton (using my scarlett soundcard) INTO microfreak midi IN. I can see the bpm on microfreak reflecting the bpm on ableton.
Now when I remove trs-midi from microfreak and put it into midi IN Organelle M (OS4.0) the patches that recieve external bpm show either (BPM off) or are unaffected.
In ORAC it doesn’t register either as I can freely manipulate the bpm.

The organelle is set to midi in: 1 and enabled (don’t need to pair to any device as I’m not using usb yet). However if I use the microfreak (through USB which I select as my device) with the organelle, the Organelle can send the BPM and note messages to the microfreak when I use ORAC, however the Microfreak won’t send to the organelle no matter what settings I try and manipulate.
The settings I’ve gone through on ORAC include Parallel 3 or Parallel patch on S1 midi A B C (I don’t really now what the Active page is about as that has A. Midi Ch 16 by default).
And multicycle on S2 I’ve enabled midi in.

I looked at the mother.pd settings and found 2 things I find odd.

  1. my mother.pd is located in SD Card / System / Activation / mother.pd (is this right?) The other folders in System in desactivation and Update (along with deploy.sh and manifest.txt)
  2. when I download and open the mother.pd file and select the box [pd Midi] it takes me to the midi settings where:
    routeOsc // MidiInGate
    0 // 0 (both of these are 0 which I understand means the midi is off?)
    s midiCh // s midiInGate

However when I open the mother.pd patch in VNC viewer these 0s have become 1s. Is that meant to happen?
Thought about downloading and editing the mother.pd to put the 1s in and re-upload it but will that do something bad to the organelle if I delete the mother before I can put the new one in?

Otherwise is there some other default mother.pd for OS4 I can download somewhere? And if so is the location I’ve found it in causing issues?

If this isn’t the case I’m so lost and confused and I apologize for the lengthy and dreary post

Hi! These are the mother.pd files used by the Capture mod (i made for OS 3.2) and are inactive unless you activate it. Orac has its own mother.pd file located in its dedicated folder (in Patches/Orac i think). :v:

Aha, that makes sense (also just saying, it’s such a great patch with ORAC dont really like using DAWs so its made the organelle a beast for me). Sweet found the ORACs mother patch.
Is there an overall mother.pd for the organelle as a whole or something along those lines which could affect the midi in for clock sync? I know this orac 2.0 I have is untouched as I just re-downloaded it about a month or two ago.

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