MIDI on the Organelle M - the jack doesnt seem to work mostly, USB does

Hi Ronan, I just use the USB midi interface, not trs, because of the issues above (and really this is what I would recommend) but I do have all the same bits as you (keystep, cycles, etc) so I’ll set this config up later today and let you know what I find

The Technobear answered this in the post above yours:

This config works for me. As @chrisk and @thetechnobear say TRS is always active. The simple config I just tested was Keystep midi out into M midi in using standard midi cable and the adapter that came with model samples. The M is set to receive midi on channel 14 (settings, midi setup, midi in enabled, midi channel = 14. THEN SAVE!) keystep set to output on 14. Used “basic poly” patch and can play away.

The keystep arp and M is a great combo, glad you prompted me to set it up again!

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@Devoid and @chrisk, thank you for taking the time to look into my question! i missed the part where I had to use channel 14 for trs. It does work now! I don’t hear an audible issue with the bpm going up and down slightly when connected to midi, but is that typical? thanks again.

Hi you don’t need to use Channel 14 (that was just my example) just make sure both M and keystep use the same channel. The bpm skipping up/down 1 or so is typical but I’ve never heard it cause a problem.

Note that different patches can implement midi differently and things may work/not work on patch by patch basis so when you post queries its a really good idea to state what patch you are running, and to test things on a standard issue patch from C&C.

Have fun.

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