Midi Start/Stop messages out to Eurorack?

Hey guys…
I am wondering if there is a simple solution for sending midi clock start/stop messages on patches like polybeats? I am attempting to use my Organelle as a master-clock with my eurorack using a Doepfer A-190-8 module, and it requires a start/stop to initialize the its clock sync. I don’t really care if it actually gives me the proper start/stop points in the measure as much I want to just get the stinking clock started on the Doepfer module.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated?
Thanks so much :wink:

Like maybe even a way to add a line in pd to have the aux button serve as the start/stop?
Or first note pressed = Start
Aux = Stop

It would be especially helpful on patches like Polybeats.

Anybody have any ideas?

i think it was Polybeats was what i was using and it was able to start clock going into Elastic Beats which is[was] my master clock and whil i could start clock and change BPM i could not stop clock,
i think AUX could easily be a toggle for sending clock

Any chance, anybody has a simple line of PD to make something like this happen?