MIDI - TRS cable connection

Hi guys,

I’m trying to connect Organelle to my DAW, I know it won’t work directly via USB but trying to use a DIN-TRS cable to my USB MIDI interface. I tried two different cables 3.5 mm TRS to female 5 pin DIN adapter as well as TRS to male 5 pin DIN adapter but non of them seems to work.

I’ve checked the settings in MIDI Setup (everything is ok) and went through the online manual but just can’t make it work. Is there anything I could still check? Does Organelle need some kind of special TRS to MIDI adapter cable?

Thanks for the help!

Are your cables TRS type A or B? Organelle needs type A. You can check what other manufacturers need here: https://minimidi.world/

Thanks, @xhg , right I’m not sure what type of TRS is that. Will check and buy a new cable.