Arduino UNO > MIDI > Organelle M?

Hi all,

I’m trying to get Organelle M to pick up MIDI notes being sent by my Arduino UNO. I’ve tried these two tutorials:

I have a 5-pin Female MIDI jack and a 5-pin male to 3.5mm male cable for connecting the jack to the Organelle M MIDI input.

Running the code in the tutorials. Not seeing any MIDI picked up by the Organelle M, or anything in the MIDI settings.

Anyone know if this is possible?

This patch may be helpful: Organelle MIDI Monitor Utility - #5 by chrisk

Do you know if the 5-pin male to 3.5mm male cable is TRS-MIDI Type A? The Organelle M MIDI ports only work with Type A plugs.

Hi @chrisk, I am not sure – the cable I purchased is this:

Thanks for the link. From the Product Q&A:

I would recommend purchasing a cable with the correct ‘Type A’ specs. They are available on our website as well as the major musical instrument supply sites.

Thank you @chrisk , super helpful. Ordered one (unfortunately the shipping costs from c&g were prohibitively expensive, understandable though). Hope it works!

puredata can read arduino directly… Maybe more work to do but the reward would be to have much more resolution (and less latency) in case that you are using analog sensors. 10 bit res – 1024 values