Mimic (borrowed) Knobs


Last Month knobs were from…:drum: roll :

Audio interfaces/Preamp:

RME (Fireface and QuadMic)
encoder - Roland Duo-Capture Ex

I’m shifting dates so next month = tomorrow
special knobs…


April… manage to catch a bit of sun, before the rain.
Who dares to guess?


Waldorf Blofeld?


Damn those look good!!


nop…10 characters


maybe not that functional, no markings at all … miss some on Main volume.


I hear you. I can’t for the life of me find nice looking aluminum knobs. The look with the blue is just so slick!


Yes I want those knobs.


I’m 3 days into owning the Organelle and already thinking about making it feel more cartoonish by getting red, orange, yellow, green for 1-4 and maybe cream + gray for encoder/vol. They’re definitely 6mm shafts and not 1/4"?



Yes, but not knurled.


Gotcha - thanks!


One person actually guess right away from where those knobs came from:
Haken Continuum player and creator of the EaganMatrix; friend Edmund Eagan

KENTON Killamix mini :wink:


MAY knobs: easy…
Here’s a tip - its black and its my homage to …


Another awesome set of knobs!
They look kinda big up close but perfect at a distance. No clue what they’re from though haha.


Yeah I can reveal, they are from my oldest Synth around here: MOOG Multimoog.
Homage to Moog and Moogfest, was planning a video… time is short this days though.


Hi guys,
I want to customize my little blue box of wonders too !
Does anyone could confirm those knobs could be set ?

Thanks guys :wink:


unfortunately none of the links you provide have sufficient specs :frowning:
you need 6mm D shaft , so the Reloop look like they may work, as they are D shaft, but no dimensions. (there are various D shaft sizes that wont work)

your best bet is online electronics suppliers as they tend to be better for specs.
(on the above, you’d have to do a bit of google-fu to see if someone can tell you the specs of each)


:unamused: wrong choice!
Thank you for your reply. I will do it paying attention to the specificities mentioned.


Thanks again. I’ve finally ordered few knobs colored , same models as @ghostly606 .Maybe you’ll find funny that I have spent like 15 minutes trying to understand/translate what D shaft was, until i suddenly get it :roll_eyes::raised_hands: :slight_smile: ! “D”


So this the result of “pimp my Organelle” :slight_smile: thanks guys !
(Here i’m using it with the PO K.O. I like this setup, very portable and fun with the PO’s mic and sequencer)