A blog for Organelle / Pure Data stuff

Let me know if this is any use and I’ll add more stuff. It creates a synth with a few objects and introduces a bit of pure data meets Organelle which would be fun to continue.



everyone’s in awe
A bunch of us casuals will really appreciate this I’m sure, and this could be a really strong tool for the community. Thanks dude

man, that’s a fantastic idea.
will definitely follow what you write there.
thanks for all the efforts!

awesome! will definitely be checking in . . . thanks

Cool. Pure Data is fun to learn and I’m still a newb so helps me understand stuff too. You can get a long way just copying and pasting other people’s stuff and help files!

I’ll probably do something with a delay effect next to show how the knobs / screen are simply managed.

that’s amazing! thanks!


Added a quick delay / knob / screen overview.

NB: I did this whilst watching football / soccer so may have been distracted by Iceland. Let me know if anything doesn’t make sense!

Also added a bit on the blog about smooth knobs. Which may be of interest to someone other than me :smile:

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Thanks for doing the blog! Really appreciate it… Makes getting into PD a little less daunting…

@Donnerbono, thank you so much for this blog, it has been very helpful to understand the logic of Pure Data, and how the organelle works.

I wish you upload more entries to the blog, I already tried the tutorials you uploaded.

Kudos man