Sampler Style Modification

Hello everyone,

I’m very new to Pure Data, and thought some of you might be able to lend your knowledge on something.

I’m looking to modify the Sampler Style patch. I’m a huge fan of the reverb capabilities on the second and third knobs. However, I’m hoping to use this patch to run sampled instruments through it. That part is going great, and is adding a whole new world of possibilities for me here. I love to sample instruments and sounds. It’s inspiring. In fact, I’ve been contemplating the concept of starting a website where we might share sampled instrument sounds. But first, I’d like to figure out the following.

I’m running into a bit of a wall here (due to my huge lack of Pure Data experience). Here’s what I’m looking to do:

Would it be possible to modify this patch, so that the second and third knobs control Attack and Release? I thought it would be super useful if the patch had some good old Attack, Release, and Decay control. I imagine anyone else sampling instruments would find this quite helpful as well.

I’ve looked at the main.pd file, and I can see where the fourth knob’s parameters are set up. But I have no idea how to add Attack and Release into the equation. Anyone able to help me set this up? It would be much appreciated.

  • Joe