Morph, Block and Organelle~ updates etc

Hi Folks

Just getting settled after a move from Connecticut to Maryland and i spent a little time making a 7 channel Monome/Pd looper mangler for Block-Organelle. It was orginally written for monome 64 by Gwen Coffey then updated to monome 128 by a finnish programmer and i fixed it to work as a performance tool for and old Livid Instruments Block I am using it for live performance and considering updating it for organelle and now i am also starting to design some Patches to include the Sensel Morph.

just got one on Monday and it’s an interesting controller for sure. Ran it through it’s paces for Max & Ableton Last night and it has a nice velocity/weighted set of touch. About to start prgramming it for Pure Data

i sold my Norns – it has about another …mmmm 2 years before i think it will be robust enough for composition. Unless of course you are already comfortable with SuperCollider & Lua.

I was very close to getting my hands on a Morphagene for the re-write but it slipped through my fingers – i was going to trade my Z-dsp and about 7 cards for it but the fellow sold it before we could do the deal

what have you all been up to?

What’s up with the new C&G device? what’s the buzz tell me whatsa happenin


Good to hear from you again!
I’ve just been trying to rewrite another patch from pd extended to the Organelle. Driving me nuts trying to find a way to make it polyphonic. But I’ll get there! I know a few of the people here are working to make a wiki page of sorts to start putting more organization to all these patches.

Send me a message in the Patreon and i can hook you up with Polyphonic-ness
Also i posted the Neuron Synth for you too


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Just went over there and saw that! Super excited to try it out!

okay it looks like we are going to do the Thermae

It’s a 499$ pedal! :slight_smile:
i am going to lay it out tonight


Oooohhh I’m gettin excited!

i am going to lay it out tonight

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I sold my Norns as well. I can’t really complain,
because it led me to obtaining a Grid and Ansible which I’m loving as my eurorack sequencer.

i can’t complain either i just had other stuff to use 800$ on.

How is the morph working for you?

I wasn’t able to make Organelle recognize the QWERTY keyboard / trackpad overlay, but suspect it just needs a powered hub.

(Are you using a powered hub?)

Powered hub did fix it.

I don’t recommend the QWERTY overlay.