Patch Uses Values From External MIDI Device?

Hiya! I’m obsessed with this idea, can you tell me if its possible?

Can we have an external device (BeatStep Pro, SQ-1, MidiMIX, various Korg NANO) send MIDI values into patches in the Organelle?

My dream is ORAC running a reasonable amount of patches in parallel, and I can adjust/solo them externally, while using the onboard knobs for some of that.

Thanks in advance!

yes. depending on the organelle model you will need an extra usb midi interface.

As @pt3r said it’s possible, for most of patches and for orac. The best you can do is reading the manual about this or watching @thetechnobear YouTube tutorial about orac.
Depends on what midi controller you want to use you can use usb or need a midi/usb cable / interface.

No ! Midi is supported by Orac, natively.

as @TonyLB said, all is possible today :slight_smile:

you’ll need to configure organelle for multiple midi devices, this I have detailed in this thread:

then Orac 2.0 supports midi learn, you can therefore learn all parameters you want :slight_smile:
(iirc, it might be limited to 127 midi cc on midi ch1 at the moment, but thats quite a lot of controls)
so you can easily map things like a modules gain or bypass to a midi control.