Seaboard/MPE midi

Hey, just wondering if anyone knows if the Organelle could run any MPE midi patches that a controller like the Roli Seaboard or Seaboard Block could control over USB. Could be interesting.



Sure, possible and pretty easy to do , though you need to adapt patches.
(ive not tested with a Roli, but they are suppose to be USB midi class compliant so no reason it wont work)

I did something very similar when connecting the Eigenharp Pico to my eBrds patch, see

eBrds (which you can get from patchstorage) actually uses OSC , rather than MPE, but its pretty trivial to convert between the two… basically you just use the midi channel as the voice selector.

@keymanpal did you figure this out, or did I send you a patch that did MPE? I remember we talked about it , but cant remember if it happened or not… quite possible i forgot about it :wink:
if its useful for two of you then I could quickly do a patch to show how its done.

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Ummm… think we just talk about, I did take a look; so yes Please we need some MPE on the Organelle :wink: sort of an example patch.
LinnStrument and Continuum waiting…

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I’d be so happy and grateful to see how it’s done! :slight_smile:

its done, I’m going to put it out tomorrow as part of a full release of stuff :slight_smile:


UUU!! can’t wait…

Hi guys, new(ish) to Organelle…
I have a Seaboard Block also…
Been looking for any patches that would work with it.
Not necessarily MPE but something that has been mapped out to accept a few more cc’s and expressiveness.

I would like to create some patches myself in the future but I haven’t got the connectivity required right now.

So, in the meantime. Looking for some patches that may work straight up or if it requires some other files to be installed…happy to do that also. Been following some of this but getting lost pretty quickly. Any help would be great.

PS: What is a .zop file and how is it opened?

As far as I know only my brds and Orac 2 support MPE. (But I may be wrong)

But a few patches allow midi mapping ( and again mine have midi learn to make it easy)

Zop is an install package for organelle, just put in the patches folder and then organelle will offer option to install it, on the main menu (as if it were a patch)

Woah… thanks mate.
Realised why I was having some trouble also… I was using old OS.
Just updated and now can install your files.

I installed the MEC file also.
Does that work in the background like a system file?
For it doesn’t seem to appear in the patch directory.

Also when using your brds (which is great by the way) patch.
It seems to be very very quiet compared to other patches. This correct?
It does seem to be picking up pitch when sliding finger across top/bottom of seaboard but doesn’t seem to work as a poly expression. Or am I missing something here?

Thanks so much again for your input.
Helping a lot.

which are you using? if orac 2.0 , then you need to set the midi channel to 0 on the chain

Not using orac. Was just using brds as it is…
Is that where I’ve gone wrong?

you’d need to use the MPE version of brds and make sure the the Organelle midi settings are set to omni

Yep, I did install the MPE version and it is set to omni…

should work fine… have to say I do tend to use the OSC version though…
(but of course have tested MPE version before release)

@keymanpal , have you used eBrds MPE with linnstrument? is it ok?

quiet - well different oscillator shapes etc are different, and colour/timbre also makes a big difference on some shapes. also I believe ive set it up so that pressure is used as main VCA, as thats the way I like it for my expressive patches.

also: be aware that I use Y as an absolute value, not for relative change
(which I don’t like at all, but I know Roli seems to favour it, on its patches)

I assume the pressure is working polyphonically as otherwise you would not be able to get multiple notes, is the Y axis? is it just pitchbend?

none of this really makes sense frankly,
it really should simply be eBrds MPE + midi = omni, thats it.

btw: for MPE you don’t need to run MEC

okay… so I think the reason for lack of poly expression was because I had the seaboard still in single channel mode for another synth… completely forgot. my bad

I am getting most the expressivity now. But I am having to strike the seaboard very hard to get the sound engine going. I assume that is the pressure=VCA amount setting? This Y axis as absolute. Could this also be a reason for the strike amount/quite sound engine Im experiencing?

If there are any other changes I could make to the Seaboard settings that may help communicate with your patch, that also may be useful.

Thanks though, it’s good to see it’s all possible. That’s my main objective here before I invest too much time into it…

Anyone on this forum would think you are the mastermind behind this beautiful blue box :slight_smile:

Actually… not getting any pressure at all as such… Just strike amount - increasing volume.
Probably a Seaboard setting… I’ll play around with that too.

MPE mode I needed it in. So got that sorted… It’s just the strike/pressure amount now.

YEP!! all good -

  • MIDI IN=omni
  • 4 voices, MPE, Ch Pressure, Y absolute, Pb48 - all good!
    …sorry was away from LS and OG.

@focalsounds Seaboard Block is notorious for “need to press real hard” adding this to “pressure-is-VCA”.
Although I don’t have one.

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Interesting… I haven’t found this at all. It works great with almost everything I’ve tried it with. Would be amazing if it reacted the way it does with Equator.
I hope I get around to creating my own MPE patches on the organelle one day.
I see there are a few more DIY synths out there to program this way.
But I don’t need another rabbit hole to get lost down :slight_smile:

you can easily edit the synth patches your interested in , just look at where they use the pressure, and adjust to taste.

or you could do in the mother.pd / midi sub patch, where pressure comes in, and so it would be applied to all modules. - my guess is you probably need to make it an exponential mapping.

the thing is different expressive controllers have very different response rates, some linear, some exponential… if you’re using Roli software, then they of course adjust for this.
(if you try non-roli expressive controllers with equator , you’ll find you need to adjust all their patches to get something you like :wink: )

in the patches, Ive done im using the pressure cover supplied is as the user wants its…
i dont change it, e.g. turn it from linear to exponential - so this is bound to suit some controllers better than others.