Multiple Layer Looper?

Hey everyone - does this exist already? I’m looking for a looper patch where you can record or upload, then turn on/off multiple layers playing simultaneously and in-time with each other. Similar to a Boss Rc-300, but using the buttons to turn on/off layers, and aux/fs to play/record.


Pooh, I would love to see that one! With Midi sync for clock please! :slight_smile:

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Copy that.

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any news on this?

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I will be releasing this at some point in Gumroad:
It should work “straight” in Organelle + Korgnanokontrol but I would like to have also visual feedback of the loops in the screen + I would have to do the sync thing…

Other option is if I just release the looper as a module for S3rquencer:
Where I already have the mixer, send effects, ableton link, mute per channel, master effects and more to come…
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