Midi Sync-able Audio Looper?

Hey I hope everyone is safe.
Quick note first to thanks Chris from C&G who has been very patiently staying in touch with me while my Organelle M is waiting for the NYC lockdown to end to be shipped back to me after a faulty keyboard (stuck notes). I can’t wait to use it again but safety is definitely the most important thing right now. Anyway just wanted to start by saying I really appreciate the community and the company approach :orange_heart:

I was wondering if someone made an audio looper that is synced with external midi clock. The way I see it would be a 4 track looper and for each track you can set the length (in beats) of the loop.
For recording, you would press the aux (or pedal) and the track would start recording after x number of beats. It could be really useful for performing live with other MIDI-enabled machine (digitakt, synths etc…) I have an Organelle M btw.

I looked on the forum quite extensively but I haven’t found anything.
I am a PD noob but I wouldn’t mind learning by doing if someone could point me in the right direction.

Peace !

Start here!
a BUNCH of cool looping stuffs

I know about patch storage but I was hoping for a more specific direction and / or tips on how to sync recording to a MIDI clock. Thanks anyway.

You can do this (and a lot more) with an octatrack, though the learning curve is steep. Some of the fancier looping pedals are also mid syncable, and there are some desktop loopers as well. These will be cheaper and easier than an octatrack but usually have limited midi functionality.

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Thanks. I’d rather not buy an Octa just for live looping, I’m happy with my digitakt atm.
So essentially what you are telling me is that there is no way to sync a looper to a midi clock in PD / Organelle?

puredata can do anything an octatrack can do and much more…
It’s “easy” to do a looper that is in sync with midi. you just have to measure how long a Bar is, in Miliseconds and then apply that number or a multiplication of that to the lenght of the delay / table you are using for the looper. I will add one to my “s3rquencer” project soon.


Yeah sorry, of course you can do it in PD - I just misunderstood your Patchstorage comment to mean you wanted something else.

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Awesome thank you, that helps a lot I will looking into it ! Looking forward to check out your patch when I am able to get my unit back. It looks very well thought out and powerful !

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there’s a simple 4 track looper built into the fluidsynth impl for organelle. it doesn’t seem to sync to midi, but i might not have things configured right.

i suck at PD, but i’ve been meaning to poke at things and see if i can get MIDI sync working.

This would obviously just help with Fluidsynth, but mention it here, because that looper miiiight be a nice starting place for other use cases.

pure data can theoretically do all the octatrack can and more, but realistically nobody has the time to write something that complex, broad and well tested for free. what’s more, the OT has an interface designed specifically for it’s functions. no reason why a simpler midi sync looper isn’t possible though!

The C&G patch ‘ITUQ’ springs to mind - though i don’t think it’s exactly what OP is looking for.

Right now I have already a 1 bar ableton link–able looper module ready for s3rqencer . It already benefits from the insert Fx / Send fx / mixer and Master Fx provided in S3rquencer. once I get right the multi-bar lenght thing I will start trying different lenghts in different channels, etc…

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That looks very promising ! I’m still interested in something standalone or ideally part of Orac.

ITUQ is quite close but being able to make use the Midi In on Organelle M would be really cool. Also rather than adding the loop at the end of the previous one, I’m more interested in Layering. I guess I’m looking at a Ditto x4 Looper or even better a Pigtronix Infinity as an Organelle M patch but maybe I’m asking too much ?

with this module added in S3rquencer, you can have easily 7 different channels (at least) with different lenghts and each looper is already connected to an audio mixer channel with pan / volume, 4 aux send effects, etc… I’m checking out the ditto and the Pigtronix now for inspiration.
This is what I did in the past that I’m improving now as Organelle is much more powerful than a raspberry pi-1…

Can’t wait to try this. Is it almost ready?

there are clicks most of the time at the looping point and I still can’t get rid of them… (typical pd issue…) apart from that it’s going to be quite fun with the ability to punch record or punch silence / fx. change lenght on the fly and I even made a visualisation about where is the reading point and how long is the loop

woah, this looks awesome - can I infer that this means there is a way to use the nanokontrol buttons to act as keypresses or to control other parameters on the organelle, or is it something else that’s going on here? Sorry if that’s a silly question, I only know a few things about pure data and I for some reason always thought the NK buttons were useless with it…

you can use the buttons and also control the Nk leds from the organelle, it’s just midi but yeah it requires some work…

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that is great news! if I could even use the mute buttons to mute outgoing midi of orac modules, chains, or sequencers (some have an on/off parameter I think the button could be tied to) that would be amazing. Happy to do some work if this is possible to accomplish, any way you could point me in the right direction?
edit: also I realize at this point this is off topic sorry about that :man_facepalming: