My vocoder patch won't work with my microphone!

I plugged my SM57 dynamic mic into the LR input on the back of the organelle and am not receiving any sound back when i speak into it through the vocoder patch. In the patch it shows on the top left that it is receiving input sound but I am not hearing it at all. I tested it with different mics and the chord is brand new (a female xlr to a 1/4 in)

I have looked at the manual and everything and cannot get this to work! Does anyone know why its not working? I’m fairly new to the organelle and the help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Is anything showing up on the output meter? You have to hold down keys for the sound to come out of the vocoder. Do other synthesizer style patches work?

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Nothing is coming out of the output meter for the vocoder patch but all of the other synth patches are working just fine.

Hey, I’m having the same problem with both the Vocoder RL and Constant Gardener patches. Did you figure out a solution?

I’ve also had this issue! I’m seeing an input fine. Is there an issue with the signal routing from the external input in the PD patch?

@w123johnston & @dusu85 - is it just a matter of not turning the effects on?

With Vocoder RL: for effect to work, you have to press keys or have Latch ‘on’ and set Wet/Dry to something other than 0.

With Constant Gardener, you have to press Aux/Footswitch to turn it on.

Further instructions here:

No the effects are on - I played with all the settings. I’m using an XLR to TRS jack from my SM58 - could that be an issue? It works fine with my guitar with a mono input?

Yes - So I tried again with the TSR half inserted (i.e making it a mono input) and it works fine. I guess the signal cancels across the two TSR inputs?

The Organelle is not designed to receive ‘balanced’ signals. If you send a balanced signal it will get cancelled out as you experienced. There are XLR-to-TS adapters like this one which prevent this cancellation.

Thanks for your help! Hopefully this will be a useful troubleshooting solution for others anyway!

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thanks for getting this sorted!

i was trying to run my sm57 through organelle m using an xlr to trs adapter.


OK great, this fixed the problem for me as well.