How do I vocode my voice through the Organelle inside of a DAW?

Hi guys, I’m new here. Got my Organelle just a few days ago so I’m starting from ground zero with not a lot of prior experience to complex music computers like the organelle, but I have been producing my own music for a couple of years so I’m not incompetent.
Here’s my problem: What I’m trying to do is vocode my voice with the organelle but have it be processed directly into my DAW (FL Studio). I’m using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface and a decent compressor microphone. What I’ve tried to do is hook up the mic to the organelle, and then hook the organelle into the interface, then into the computer. However, I can hardly hear the audio input because I’m using a compressor mic without phantom power, and when I boost the volume, it just sounds like a toddler’s play-toy microphone. So I know that inputting the mic into the organelle is not a part of the solution.
I think I need someway to intercept the organelle’s vocode patch input, but as some kind of plug-in within Input 1 (the microphone) in FL Studio. Do anybody have any ideas?

When you say “compressor mic” do you mean a dynamic mic? If so, I think the only way to get a decent signal into the organelle with a dynamic mic is to use a preamp.