Organelle Vocoder

Can Organelle be patched as a vocoder? If so, can the stereo input be used as two mono inputs within the PD coding? Then you could vocoder with an internal Organelle synth or an external synth.

We have been playing with some vocoder patches, and they work! Plug a mic into the sound input and talk into it, and use keys to control it. very fun!

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Hello - will this be posted some time soon? I just ordered my Organelle!

Wow, thats amazing! Cant you post some in the patch library? Or just link to download if it isn´t yours?!

I was just tweaking a vocoder patch today… should have something up soon. It is based on a vocoder example that comes with Pd, but the example is for vocoding two sound files together so it has to be reworked a little for live operation with keyboard…

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That´s superduper (Swedish-ish) !! Really looking forward to try it out :smiley:

I just posted the vocoder, download it over here:

Let me know how it works!


Wow vocoder it’s amazing!
The latch function is very useful
thank you very much!

Supernajs! Just used it with op1 sequenzers midicontrol-stuf. Sooo fucking fun! You should make a couple of different kinds of vocoders if possible, with unique parameters and voices and such.

Yes, I think a few variations is a good idea! what other kinds of settings would be cool? things like tone and modulation, a sequencer or arpeggiation function, adding some kind of spectral delay were all things I was considering… I tried putting a delay before the vocoder so you could loop short bits of audio input (I got tired of talking into it while while working on it! ), this might be something to revisit…

Something that could be cool would be like a loop mode instead of latch, so you record short phrases that you can play with. Nice for you to not have to talk into it while working, hehe. Arpeggiator can always be done with another synth thru midi. Supereasy with op1. But combined with maybe the chordsroll synth or the nicesurprice. Wow! Delay/reverb you can always go thru a pedal before speaker. Better to focus on the voice itself and get closer to different kinds of pitchcorrection sounds and robotvoices.

I myself will soon enough have the time to sit down with a flask of rum and learn pd to be able to play around aswell :smiley:

The Organelle is the coolest!

oh boys…i like all that deep Sounds.

Vocoder seems so easy to make if you think about it aswell as the Quadra delay!

Just two patches with a lil’ bit of KB other companies charging you a lot for that!

…maybe iam going to get a second Organelle soon!


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…yeppi! i’ve cloned the sequencer 2 from CandG to the Vocoder and decided to bust out latch mode.

If you are Interested iam going to load it up-- btw. its not that much difficult. :slightly_smiling:

iam diggin’ it exxtreme

THATS GREAT! Load it up! Where will you upload?
And also write down a small how-to-do if you want to. :slightly_smiling:

Hey @magpie,

it’s really not that difficult!

  1. Copy the sequencer2 file from maybe (Analog Style patch) to the Vocoder folder.
  2. open the Vocoder’s main PD file in pure data or the Organelle via HDMI + Mouse +Keyboard
  3. …maybe open the Analog Style main. pd the same way.
  4. take a look at both at the same time and look to similar comments and structure
  5. you will see the Vocoder has a (r notes) comment and the Analog also got a (r notes_seq) comment.
  6. copy that notes_seq comment, put that in the main.pd vocoder window, patch it in the same manner like the (r notes) command and see what’s happening. (if it’s not working correctly open sequencer 2.pd, copy all,go back to Vocoder and paste all! maybe it isn’t necessary to do that. :slightly_smiling:
  7. I think if you’ve solved this operation you are ready for all kinds of stuff inside pure data.
    8…you can mess around with every patch (trial and error) :slightly_smiling:

try it. took me about 3 Minutes.


I’ll check it out as soon as I get back home to my organelle. Been working day and night so it will be nice to sit down and do magic stuf! SuperThanks. Ill post my progress :smiley:

Here’s a video of the Vocoder RL patch in action!

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what is the black device to the right of the organelle?

That is a Boss DR770 drum machine

A Boss Dr-770 drum machine. The Organelle is vocoding the drum sounds from it!