Mic input only working with certain patches

hey organelle family…perhaps i’m a little slow, but i just got this baby a few weeks ago and i finally got a pre-amp for my mic, and the input and output levels are much nicer!!

but why is it that my mic only works (that is, sends output to the speakers) when i have a patch that uses an input?? there are some songs where i’d love to use an organelle patch that has no input, but how do i do that successfully without setting up two mics (1 to the organelle and 1 to the mixer) or unplugging the mic from the organelle mid-show?

<3 much love humans!

because if you don’t have a mic (or other input source) connected to the input and feed it to the output you will get noise - so not generally desirable unless you are actively using the input.

its easy to add to any patch if you want it though, just feed inL/R and mix it to outL/R in the PD patch
if you really want this in every patch, you can create your own variation of mother.pd with this behaviour.

just be a little careful with gain levels, as obviously if you are playing a synth and also taking the input line , you will tend to clip unless you reduce both levels a little bit