New C&G Organelle Patches

Go for it!

New Patch! I Take Up - Quantize (ITUQ)! Create loops of one or more recordings in sync with a defined tempo! Allows easy syncing with external audio.
Create 24 loops - one per key. New recordings are added to the end of a loop.
It is fun to get crazy and easy to stay synced with other gear!
Download from

Hope you like it @Wannop! :smile:


:open_mouth: so hyped to try this! some serious grooves going on in this demo

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This at the same time I just ordered a grid and nanokontrol2 :smile::smiley::heart_eyes_cat:
I’m so happy bout this one - ty!

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PD experts – a request regarding one little tweak I’d like to make to the lovely new ITUQ patch.

After pressing aux to append a new audio segment, the sample/button slot in question defaults immediately to playback.

What within the patch would I have to tweak to instead have it default to a stopped state?


So it’s a very simple process it just can be confusing on where to find the places so I attached two screenshots and labeled them with steps 1-4 and comments.

STEP 1: open the subpatch ‘pd recorder’ (found in main.pd) and there you’ll see that a 0 starts a chain of bangs one of them sets the state to 1 with a message box : “; state 1;”. STEP 2: change this to 0 instead of 1 so the state is paused not playing("; state 0;").

However this confuses the player so it requires two key presses to get the sample looping after it records, to fix this we need to reset the trigger state.

STEP 3: in ‘pd recorder’ create a ‘send restart-state’ connect it to the bang from 0.
STEP 4: in ‘main.pd’ create a ‘receive restart-state’ connect it to the right inlet of the abstraction ‘toggle-keys’

hopefully this works for you.




I wish I could make you a plaque or something.

Wonderfully articulate explanation and the screenshots were invaluable. Got it working in one go.

Thanks to much!


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New Patch! FX-13: A multi-effects patch with 24 presets (one per key). It is all about quickly selecting an effect, changing the effect settings, saving a new preset and then jumping to other presets. Perhaps designed for those with ADD and those who like exploring new takes on their sounds with abandon.

Download from


Happy Halloween!
We just posted a new patch called Constant Gardener! It’s a real-time pitch shifting and variable playback speed patch. Send the Organelle some audio and adjust away. There are also controls for Dry/Wet mix and Reverb. Special Spooky Tip: turn down the speed to about 10%, set the mix to 100% Wet, and crank the reverb. That should get the Halloween going nicely.

ps: there are also some new spooky Halloween ETC modes up at Patch Storage!


Well, it’s great! I’m going to use this a lot I think.
Is it possible to add another couple of voices to this to make it poly or would it be too cpu- intensive? I would also like to be able to adjust the short glissando between notes but can’t see a sign of where it is being controlled? :slight_smile:

Not sure about making it polyphonic. We hadn’t considered it!
The glissando is controlled by the [line] above the [screenline2] in main.pd

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There was that idea to try to get a midi-key mapped harmoniser like Bon Iver uses on the organelle a while ago. This vocoder creates a really clear repitched signal and uses keys to pitch so seemed like a good candidate! :slight_smile: I the Bon iver one uses auto tuning too though I think. Been using it on vocals today, doing some cod-Gregorian chant. Super fun.

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Here’s a more in-depth demonstration of the new Constant Gardener patch!
It’s a live phase vocoder. Send it audio and change the audio’s pitch and speed independently! Dial up specific intervals with the keyboard.


New Patch: CAmenti !
Record and slice a sample into segments and play those segments in a rhythmic pattern from a generative algorithm called Cellular Automata (CA).
Download from


Looks awesome! Can’t wait to try it.

The generative algorithm sequencer is fantastic! I was wondering if there any chance you could take that part and combine it with a more one-shot type sampler (like the record mode from Loop Jam Record) so that one could record a load of drum-type samples (hand-claps, finger-clicks etc.) and then have them sequenced by the generative algorithm. Does that make sense?

Hi, glad you like CAmenti!

Yes, you could use the cellular automata to control anything you want!

I …um … lack the skills … so I was kind of suggesting a C&G follow-up patch … just kind of if you had a spare moment … and thought that others might like it …

Oh got it. I don’t know that we’ll have time to get to it, but sounds like a cool idea.

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within Orac u could play a sampler using a random arp and then maybe have audio to midi feeding that, connected to whatever sound source, the radio, the tv, yr phone, random music on an ipod… or u could feed the random arp with a seq u record… or just play it with random or blind keyboard strokes… random sampler playback… oh ya there are note gen modules too right?